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The DL - Low Code No Code, Climate Pledge Arena, Goodbye to Mixer, and A/B Street

June 29 · Issue #54 · View online
The DL
Welcome to The DL, a weekly newsletter about tech, startups, and investing in the Pacific Northwest.
This week’s issue covers low code platforms, the Climate Pledge Arena, Microsoft’s Mixer news, and a cool new traffic planning game.
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Low Code / No Code / Honey Code 😍
Sorry Sarah! 😘
Sorry Sarah! 😘
Last week, Amazon released Honeycode, a new service that lets people build apps without writing code. (btw, check in with The DL’s favorite “VP in Purgatory” to get his take on the name)
This is big news because low code development is a massive market. Gartner predicts that more than 65% of app development will take place on low code platforms by 2024, and the market has been heating up as companies ditch Office and move to more flexible products like Notion and Airtable.
It will be interesting to watch how the big tech companies approach this market. Right now, Honeycode and Microsoft Power Apps definitely aren’t as user-friendly (or appealing) as their startup competitors, but maybe that’s okay for enterprise customers. We’ll see how the market responds.
Another weird name from Amazon
Amazon renamed KeyArena… and while Climate Pledge is a good name for an investment fund, it’s a weird name for an arena. Add your ideas on better names to Geekwire’s Twitter post. I’m a fan of AWS Hockey Availability Zone.
Microsoft nixes Mixer, partners with Facebook Gaming
In a confusing set of press releases, Microsoft and Facebook announced that Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and moving the Mixer community over to FB Gaming. After July 22, will redirect to
FB Gaming is the fastest growing livestreaming platform right now (vs. Twitch and YouTube Gaming), but Mixer has not grown much at all, even after paying $30M to sign Ninja as a Mixer streamer.
This article from The Verge has a bit more color on what’s happening here. Basically, the bigger opportunity for Microsoft is their game streaming service xCloud. So they would rather partner with FB Gaming to reach a larger audience and make money on xCloud rather than livestreaming.
It’s an interesting strategy and a bit counter to what Microsoft has done with LinkedIn and Github, where they acquired a community in order to build and sell more products. Of course, each of those was an independent company, so we’ll see how this Big Tech partnership works.
Other stuff Dan's talking about
🚗 Try it out! - After leaving his job as an engineer at Google, Dustin Carlino spent two years building this super cool traffic simulation “game” to help people understand the impact of street planning on traffic in Seattle
🐦 How to crush it on Twitter - Great thread on how to grow your Twitter following and engagement from the guy who runs the Morning Brew’s Twitter account
✈️ Flight insurance - This woman developed a system to analyze weather and online reviews to book flights that were likely to get cancelled and collected $400K of flight insurance. Startup idea…?
👩🏽‍🚀 Randonauts - Here’s what the youths are up to these days… an app that gives you a random location to visit based on your “intention” and a quantum random number generator. Lots of crazy experiences shared on Reddit
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